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Log Format

I came across a brilliant example of formatting logs, and posting it here not only for my future reference, but hopefully useful for others too.

The log format has a few specific goals:

The logging output looks like this:

TRACE [2010-04-06 06:42:35,271] com.example.dw.Thing: Contemplating doing a thing.  
DEBUG [2010-04-06 06:42:35,274] com.example.dw.Thing: About to do a thing.  
INFO  [2010-04-06 06:42:35,274] com.example.dw.Thing: Doing a thing  
WARN  [2010-04-06 06:42:35,275] com.example.dw.Thing: Doing a thing  
ERROR [2010-04-06 06:42:35,275] com.example.dw.Thing: This may get ugly.  
! java.lang.RuntimeException: oh noes!  
! at com.example.dw.Thing.run(Thing.java:16)  

A few items of note:

All timestamps are in UTC and ISO 8601 format.

You can grep for messages of a specific level really easily:
tail -f dw.log | grep '^WARN'

You can grep for messages from a specific class or package really easily:
tail -f dw.log | grep 'com.example.dw.Thing'

You can even pull out full exception stack traces, plus the accompanying log message:
tail -f dw.log | grep -B 1 '^!'

Original Source: http://dropwizard.codahale.com/manual/core/#logging

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