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APIs, what are they, and why do we care

At Create. every Friday the entire company takes part in 'Innovation Day', which is a day dedicated to working on anything you want outside of your daily tasks. This can usually consist of anything from learning something you wouldn't normally learn, to a new feature on the application. You can read more about how we do our Innovation day on Simons Blog.

The development team have been talking about building an API and moving the platform to be more API-centric for a few months now, and since the API wasn't a priority within our roadmap we thought that innovation day would be perfect to start building the API.

We're a transparent company and we don't tend to start a project unless the whole company agree that it's worthwhile, or at least that the whole team has an understanding of what we're doing and why we're doing it.

Because the API is quite developer orientated, and that it can be rather alien to a non-technical person I felt it was necessary to put together a short presentation to explain to the rest of the team what is an API, and why we would want to be building one.

So, here are the slides:

I'm a big lover of OpenSource projects, open data etc, in fact it's all I go on about in the office sometimes, so i'm really excited about building an API and seeing what people do with it in the future!

I'm quite keen on doing more talks this year, and so being able to put the above slides together and present in front of the team was great fun, and I had positive feedback from the team about it too. I highly recommend others try this within their company.

Feel free to use the slides within your own company, and if you'd like me to send the Keynote files, drop me an email.

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